24 Outdoor Contexts

24 Outdoor Contexts, 2010
Archival inkjet prints
19 x 13″ (48 x 33 cm) each
Edition of 24 + 1 AP

In-bed, 2010
Video (b&w, sound)
Duration: 3:30 min

“24 outdoor contexts” re-presents the MoMA Project “(Untitled) 1991” by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, displayed in New York during the summer of 1992. Executing the project in 2009, I used an exhibition catalog as reference to photograph the original locations where Gonzalez-Torres displayed 24 billboards of an empty bed 17 years earlier.

The video utilizes two male actors to interpret an imagined in-bed conversation between Peter Muscato—the photographer who documented the billboards in 1992—and Andrea Rosen, Gonzalez-Torres’s main gallerist in his lifetime.  The video develops an ontological discussion relating to photography, art influences and the politics of representation, while exploring a realm of mediated production and reception.